3 Best Living Room Lighting Ideas

A living room area is a place for family members to gather and spend time together, a place that’s meant to be relaxing, warm and the atmosphere is always set as comfortable. Ever wondered why it feels that way or why it should? This area in particular is our topic for the day because we want to give you some tips to make it as comfortable as possible through lighting… Yes, lighting! Maybe you didn’t know that lighting had a huge part in creating a specific atmosphere, so we’re here to shed a light for you on that topic ( pun intended ). 

We’ll be explaining the different types of lighting you should have in your living area, or if you already have the right type of light but maybe need to tweak it in a way to make it work. and by tweak it we mean change the color of the bulb or move a specific light to another corner of the room. 

There are 3 tips we’ll be sharing today and we’ll note them down as points and then go over them one by one.

– Mix and match lighting fixtures.

– Choose your bulb color.

– Lighting for some kind of effect.

Now that we’ve noted them down we can go into more details about each point. 

What do we mean by mix and match lighting fixtures? Lighting fixtures like we’ve mentioned in a more detailed topic before are types of lights that are divided into pendants, spot lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Of course there are so many more types but those were the ones we thought were most important to know for any standard home. We’ll give you a summarized idea about what each type of fixture is used for. 

A pendant is the type of light that is usually hanging from the ceiling by a cord that can be adjusted to whatever length you prefer. A spot light is the small sized light that’s used to fill up your celling to provide you with that extra brightness if needed. A Table and floor lamp are pretty obvious what they are from the name, one is placed on your side tables to give you extra light if you were to be sitting near it and need the extra light to read or so. A floor lamp is placed mostly in corners to give you that nice effect for a comfy atmosphere if you didn’t want any harsh lighting. 

Now that we’ve mentioned them briefly we’ll let you know why it’s a good idea to mix and match between them for your living room area. It depends on the size of your space but we always try and keep our topics related to standard house sizes nothing too big and fancy, just your average sized home. 

Mixing and matching isn’t a tricky process, you just have to think of what you need. 

Let’s say your ceiling already has spot lights since they’re the type of light that already exists in every home as part of the interior, all you need to do now is add the extra fixture to it whether it’s a nice looking pendant, some table lamps if you have any side tables near your sofas, or a floor lamp to give your empty corner something extra. It all depends on your need as long as you have an idea of what you can add and play around with while mixing and matching. 

Choosing the bulb color isn’t a big deal either you just need to know what works for you. The process is always about making you comfortable in your own space but we always try to help and make it even more comfortable. 

Bulb colors are divided into three different shades being cool white, yellow and daylight. 

The cool white always has a blue’ish tone to it, yellow is obviously yellow tones and daylight by the name of it is the closest thing to natural outdoor lighting. You could always mix and match these bulbs in your living space because each color gives a different effect to your area. 

For example have the white and yellow bulbs can be mixed in the ceiling just in case you needed the extra light and they can balance each other out. Floor and table lamps try and go for either natural or yellow bulbs because they’re the most calming tones.  

What did you think we meant by lighting for some kind of effect? Some corners or specific objects or area in your living room needs an extra shed of light. What do we mean by that as well? Let’s say you have some shelfs with pictures of your family, trophies or anything that you think deserves some attention? You literally shed some light on it to make it pop. That’s what we meant by some kind of effect, we also mentioned that floor lamps could give your empty corners something extra, that being extra light to give you an effect of comfort and such. 

Now that we’ve mentioned all 3 lighting ideas for you, what’re you waiting for? It’s time for you to look around your living room and decide if you need to change up your lighting situation. And what better way to do so other than checking out different lights in the comfort of your own home online at HomeWagon. They offer a nice range of all different lighting from fixtures, bulbs and spotlights all with a click of a button. 

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