5 Efficient Commercial Building Designs for New Construction Projects

A lot of work goes into constructing a new building. It stands to reason that you’d want the process to be as efficient as possible.

Designing for efficiency has a helpful side effect—it can make the project a ‘green’ building. These sustainable projects can lead to savings in operating costs and increased values for assets.

How can you design an efficient commercial building that is easy to construct and helps save the planet?

These five commercial building designs will help you to achieve both. Read on to learn more.

1. Adopt Flexible Floor Plans

Employees prefer different types of working environments. Some prefer open-plan offices because they enjoy working with others. They enjoy the buzz and energy from a busy office.

Others need peace to concentrate. They do their best work in quiet, private spaces.

Create zones in your floor plan to suit these different work preferences. For true flexibility, allow the business to choose their own floor plan.

Install sliding glass doors so workers can screen off space when they need it. They can put that space back into communal use when they’re done.

2. Make the Most of Collaborative Space

No one likes working in a cubicle. They cut workers off from each other, making it harder to share ideas and create together.

Solve the problem by adding collaborative spaces to your floor plans. They’re not just break rooms or kitchens. They’re flexible, casual spaces where workers can gather.

Make them inviting spaces with comfortable seating, natural lighting, and great acoustics. Workers can relax and work together in the same space.

3. Get Creative With the Atrium

A double or triple-height atrium can help create a ‘wow’ moment when a visitor enters a building. Trouble is, it’s a waste of floor space on the upper floors.

It also wastes energy in heating or cooling the atrium. This makes the building inefficient in many ways.

Avoid the temptation to add a tall atrium and get creative with a single height entrance. Consider an indoor garden filled with plants that love the shade. This helps to cool the space and being around plants helps reduce anxiety.

Or use the atrium as a gallery space and display art by local artists. You can still impress visitors without wasting square footage.

4. Remember Accessibility

Keep accessibility in mind when you’re designing a new commercial property. Visitors or workers may have specific needs to help them get around the building.

Add access ramps alongside stairs and make sure the building has an elevator. Design for accessible toilets and other amenities. These give visitors and workers the spaces they need and help them use the building.

5. Design for Sustainability

An efficient commercial building doesn’t stop at the floor plan. You can bake efficiency into the design of the whole building.

Specify smart glass so workers can tint the windows on sunny days. This helps keep the building cool without using air conditioning.

Add solar panels to help with energy generation. Extend your efficiency savings to the roof. Check out this post for seven reasons to consider a new roof.

Which of These Commercial Building Designs Will You Choose?

These five commercial building designs will help you create an efficient floor plan. That means you can make the most of the space you have. You’ll also be creating a ‘green’ space that helps the environment.

Are you keen to improve your green credentials? Check out our environment articles for more tips and advice.

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