5 Interesting Garden Art Ideas You’d Love to Try

Is it time to start planning out your garden for the spring ahead? Greener grass and the first bloom of the year are just around the corner, so you need to prepare now.

How are you going to decorate your garden to make it pop?

Gardens aren’t all about flowers and edible plants. They’re opportunities to turn a part of your home into a work of art. We want to help you get started so you can bring your dream garden to life.

We have a few garden art ideas that are sure to give you some inspiration. Whether you’re looking to repurpose old “junk” materials, try some fun DIY projects, add unique objects, or put your creative chops to the test, we have something for you.

Keep reading for some of our favorite whimsical garden art ideas.

1. Add Contrast With Metal

Gardens are all about nature, green grass, and beautiful flowers. Why not add a bit of contrast to your yard with metal artwork?

There are plenty of metal art pieces that will look right at home amongst the greenery while still adding an edge to your yard. Metal adds shine, color, and interesting details that draw the eye.

Metal art pieces are great for putting around your favorite flower patch so everyone knows where to look. Check out “Next-Level Landscaping: How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Metal Garden Art” to get some hip and cool ideas for your next garden project.

2. Repurpose Old Decorative Frames

Do you have any old frames laying around the house that are never going to be used for photos or mirrors again? We all have a few of those hanging around, right?

If not, beautiful and unique frames are only a few dollars away at any thrift store. Grab a few in fun shapes and unique sizes and get ready to use them in your garden.

These frames don’t have to match, but our favorite way to make a cohesive art wall is by painting them all one color (we love gold frames, but match your own aesthetic!).

There are a few things that you can do with them. If you want to keep it simple, attach them to the wall of your home and shed and leave them there as-is. It might not sound like much, but it makes an impact.

If you want to change it up, put some shelves and trinkets inside the frames. Or, our favorite, hang a potted plant inside the frame for a whole new way to show off your flowers.

3. Don’t Throw Away Those Glass Bottles

Recycling remains “in” in the year 2021 (as it should), and glass is one of the most common recycled objects. Why not recycle your old glass at home and make it into something beautiful for your garden?

This is a great way to use old wine and beer bottles, jam jars, and broken glassware.

We’re going to make decorative stepping stones. While they’re decorative, they’re also strong enough to be functional.

You’re going to need to smash your glass into small pieces. If you have a specific design in mind, break your glass into the proper shapes to fit it. Be careful while you’re doing this. We suggest wearing thick gloves to protect against any painful cuts.

In a mold that’s suitable for concrete, lay your pieces down in the design that you want for your stepping stone over a sheet of sticky shelf paper. This is going to be the first layer even though you’re laying it down on the bottom.

Next, mix your grout or concrete. You want to smooth the mixture over the glass until it fills the mold. Once it’s dry, remove the mold and reveal your masterpiece.

Check out the full tutorial here.

4. Old Dishes Make Great Art Pieces

Don’t throw away those old dishes that you never use. They’re great for outdoor garden art projects.

We love using old teapots or coffee pots for garden art. There are a few ways to go about it. First, though, you need to paint your pot and seal it to make sure that it can endure the outdoors.

After this, you have options. The first is this sweet idea for a teapot that pours gems into your garden. It’s simple, cheap, and a great way to liven up your space.

If you’re feeling craftier, why not add a water fixture to your garden? A teapot makes a great fountain.

You’re going to need a large planter, a foundation pump, tubing, and a teapot (of course). You’ll also need basic tools. Check out the tutorial for the details, but we think this is one of the most impressive DIY projects you can do for your garden.

5. Stylish & Unique Planter Setups

Why not make your own planters? They’re beautiful and functional art pieces that give you a space for your favorite flowers and let you exercise your creative spirit.

There are a few ways to do this, but our favorite is a vertical planter: a pallet garden. With this, the plants become the art and a normal shipping pallet becomes the canvas. This is the best way to showcase your hard work on growing those plants!

Take a standard pallet and paint it in a way that fits your garden’s aesthetic. Then, cover the back and bottom with some kind of plastic or fabric tarp. This is what keeps the plants and soil in their place.

Position your pallet so it sits vertically or at a diagonal against a wall and fill in each section with soil and your favorite flowers, succulents, or herbs.

This is a beautiful art project that frees up garden space and looks great!

What Are Your Favorite Garden Art Ideas?

Whether you love a natural space or you want something to add some edge to your garden, at least one of these garden art ideas will look great in your yard! Start your garden art projects now so when spring rolls around you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

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