5 Signs You Need a New Toilet Installation

Nowadays, every house has a bathroom, and most have more than one. In the last fifty years, the number of bathrooms per head of population in the United States has doubled.

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong in a bathroom, and there’s no greater hindrance to your enjoyment of the house’s smallest room than a malfunctioning toilet. If your toilet is beyond repair, it could be time to install a new one.

Of course, you won’t want to go to the effort and expense of new toilet installation unless it’s really necessary. If you’re not a plumbing expert, you might not know when the right time comes.

Read on for our five top tips on when to buy a new toilet.

1. If You Have a Round Bowl, Try to Replace It

This might sound like an odd place to start when it comes to toilet replacement. However, round bowls are less comfortable than their modern, elongated counterparts. They also do a poorer job of containing smells.

2. If Your Toilet Is Unsteady, It Needs to Go

This is probably the most important point to note in terms of safety, especially if there’s an elderly person using the unit. If a toilet is wobbling, it could end up being the cause of a nasty fall. Replacement is usually the way to go in this scenario.

3. If Your Toilet Is Older Than 50, It’s Reached Retirement Age

Generally speaking, a toilet that’s more than half a century old has reached its use-by date. If a toilet that’s been around that long needs repairing, you’re better off to just replace it.

4. Repeated Maintenance Requirements Are a Bad Sign

When your toilet breaks for the first time, a simple maintenance job will usually be all that’s needed to get it back to being functional again. However, if those calls for the repairman are becoming more frequent, it might be time to just buy a new model.

5. An Older Toilet Might Be Costing You Money Without Your Knowledge

You might think you can’t afford a new toilet right now. However, it might actually be that you can’t afford not to get a new toilet.

Older, malfunctioning toilets tend to take up more water than their newer counterparts. If you notice your water bill creeping up over time, a new toilet might help you get it back under control.

Doing New Toilet Installation Right

New toilet installation can be an unnecessary expense if your toilet just needs a little maintenance. However, if it’s really time to upgrade to a new model, there’s no point putting it off; it will just cost more and cause more stress in the long run.

The five tips we’ve looked at here are a great starting point for anyone who’s considering a new toilet.

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