A Guide to Follow for Picking the Right Fire Extinguisher For Your Company

Among the safety tools needed to upkeep the safety of workplace or business organisations, fire extinguisher undoubtedly secures a significant place. Before you abruptly purchase any of the fire extinguishers, it is advised to get as much as details you can.

The place, size of the office, type of extinguishers and, of course, the class of fire hazard – these are the determining factors to keep in mind before buying a fire extinguisher for your office. Let’s find out the vivid details in the following with more attention.

Types of Fire Extinguisher

At first, you must know the different types of extinguishers available in the market meant for various purposes.

  • Chemical Based Fire Extinguisher (Class K)

This one is designed and manufactured for delis, restaurants as well as commercial kitchens where elements like plastic, fat or wood paper are present. The recognising feature of this extinguisher is the beige and brown stripe in the cylinder. For commercial kitchens, it is recommended to buy fire extinguisher of at least 7 litres.

  • Water-Fire Extinguisher (Class A)

The schools and businesses where things like paper, cloth, rubber, and timber remain present, you will need a water fire extinguisher there. The ones you see in classic red colour are the water fire extinguisher. Well, you must inform your employees not to use this one on fire caused by electrical contractions.

  • Foam Based Fire Extinguisher (Class A & Class B)

You need to buy a fire extinguisher for places, rather businesses where the use of wood, plastic, paper or flammable elements are in maximum use. You will get to see prominent blue stripes on the extinguisher for easy recognition. This one is perfect for transportation businesses.

  • CO2 Based Fire Extinguisher (Class B & C)

Electrical fires that frequently occur in workshops, server rooms, office and welding areas are in desperate need of this particular extinguisher. It features a prominent black band around the cylinder. Be sure of getting an effective result in controlling the fire in wood, plastic, liquids, and paper due to energised electrical components with this extinguisher.

Choose the Right Quantity or Size

Next up is to choose the right quantity and size to buy a fire extinguisher. First of all, determine how many of the extinguishers (different class) do you need to cover the entire location of your workplace. Also, the bigger the area would be, the larger the quantity you will need for your workplace.

Are You Aware of the Codes?

Get to know the recommendations of the Local and National Fire Codes in Australia to make sure you are complying with the decorum.

Pick the Locations

Make sure that you know your space well. If you are not confident enough to locate the right spots for the extinguisher to be placed, take the footages of different parts of the office and consult with the supplier before you buy a fire extinguisher.

Final Words

So, here were the things about fire extinguishers you needed to know about before you buy one. You can go for price comparison before you finally buy one to make sure you don’t end up making any mistake to ensure proper safety of your house.

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