Choosing a Heavy Industrial Digger

Knowing how to choose a heavy industrial digger means understanding the various factors that influence that decision, so you can make the best choice. And of course, you want a rate that’s affordable, especially if you are renting a digger for your next job. Any major excavation project can probably benefit from having a heavy industrial digger on the site, and you want a reliable machine. You don’t want the bother and inconvenience of having to deal with malfunctioning equipment or operating costs that are unexpectedly high.

Size and Capacity

The typical set up for any machine designed to excavate is a bucket and you’ll want to make sure that bucket has the capacity you need. The amount of earth and other debris you’ll be able to move is clearly determined in part by the capacity of the bucket, so making sure yours is big enough is a must. However, at the same time you want to choose a digger that will easily and safely fit into the space available at your construction site, without causing too much inconvenience to others in the area. This is especially important if your construction site has narrow lanes or congested and tight spaces that a digger will need to navigate.


Industrial diggers are smarter than ever, thanks to the technology that seems to have taken over every aspect of our lives, and any project can be a lot more efficient and cost effective once you work with equipment that uses this technology. Machines are now able to communicate with each other, which can lead to an increase in productivity, and being able to remotely monitor your equipment can save energy and mean that the job is finished sooner. And being able to monitor operational data as your work is being carried out is possible with today’s advanced diggers. No construction manager wants to use more fuel than is necessary, and improved fuel efficiency is another big advantage of today’s advanced diggers, along with a system that prevents energy overload. This can ensure your digger lasts as long as possible.

Versatility and Connectivity

Operating time is something that you want to keep as low as possible, and that can be achieved by using a quality automated coupler instead of a direct mount attachment. When considering how to choose a heavy industrial digger, the attachment connection and how versatile the equipment is should be a major deciding factor. The coupler also has the advantage of making the task of changing attachments a lot easier.

FSG Plant has affordable rates, quality equipment and the best customer service. For better fuel economy, a shorter operating time and a smoother and more cost effective operation, choose one of our smart diggers.

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