Home Seller Guide: 5 Surprising Ways an Expert Realtor Can Help You

 Do you need to hire a real estate agent to sell your home? Technically, no, you don’t. But, as you’re about to find out, there are plenty of reasons why you should.

In the following home seller guide, we list several very important ways an expert realtor can help you. These are benefits that no seller should miss out on. But they’re especially crucial for first-time home sellers.

Read this guide to learn what an experienced realtor can do for you.

1. Estimate the Appropriate Asking Price

Pricing a house for sale is a very tricky business. There is a multitude of factors that determine the home’s value, including:

  • General location (which city/neighborhood)
  • Exact location (within the neighborhood)
  • The state of the local housing market
  • Property amenities
  • Nearby facilities (whether it’s next to a school, train tracks, or a garbage dump)

The list goes on and on. And besides that, no two houses are exactly alike.

It’s possible for two houses to be the same model, the same condition, and located next-door to each other. Even so, these houses are still in two different locations and will sell at different times. Thus, the final sale value of each will be different.

Fortunately, an expert real estate company, like Liv Real Estate, has years of local home-selling experience. Thus, there’s no one better to give you an appropriate listing price. They’ll even take into account how quickly you need the house sold.

2. Make Your House Attractive

Remember: the more money you make, the more money your real estate agent makes. Thus, it’s in their best interest to maximize the final sale price of your home.

One way they do this is by making your listing as attractive as possible. Although, different agencies do this in different ways.

Some will simply work with what you give them and talk up the property’s good features as much as they can. Others will help you stage your home.

And some will even help you fix it up. For example, your realtor might invest in certain, value-boosting repairs/renovations.

That way the home sells faster and for more money. Everyone wins!

3. Sell Your House Fast

What happens when you list an attractive and appropriately-priced house? It has a much better chance of selling, that’s what.

But your real estate agent doesn’t stop there. They handle other details, too, like helping out during the home inspection and weeding out unqualified buyers.

4. Discourage Time-Wasters

Real estate agents know the difference between serious and wishy-washy buyers, and which buyers are even qualified to buy. They won’t waste time on time-wasting buyers. Instead, they focus their efforts on the best prospects to get your house sold fast.

5. Smooth Out The Closing Details

The closing negotiations are easily the most obnoxious part of any home sale. These negotiations could go back and forth for months before an agreement is finally reached. Even worse, the buyer could get impatient and back out during this time.

But your real estate agent isn’t going to let this happen. They’ll work out the details as quickly and competently as possible.

Remember This Home Seller Guide

If you’re thinking of selling without a realtor, just consider these important benefits before you decide. Also, if you know anyone else who’s selling their house, please refer them to this home seller guide.

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