How to Create a Modern and Unique Look for Your Home

Are you eager to create a more modern look in your home? With some simple upgrades and new colors, you can refresh a stale home in no time. All you need to do is develop a plan to get started — and look for the best way to get the job done.

Read on to learn how to create a fresh and unique look in your home!

Upgrade Your Floors

Tired kitchen floors and bland neutral carpeting can make a home look like it’s stuck in another time. One of the best ways to bring a more modern look to your home is to upgrade the floors. No matter what size your budget is, you can find a new type of floor to suit your space.

For a rich and classy look, hardwood floors always are a good call. When you pair darker hardwoods with metals and clean neutrals, you can create a unique home style that fuses traditional and modern. Choose unfinished floors if you have a specific stain in mind, or go with bamboo floors for a modern look.

Even laminate floors have come a long way if your budget is smaller. You don’t need to stick with dated patterns or yellowish tones. Instead, go with a sophisticated gray laminate that mimics the qualities of hardwood.

As another option, check out polished concrete floors. These floors are an economical choice that will tie in perfectly with modern home decor. From the glossy finish to the neutral tone, concrete floors are an easy way to create the modern look that you’re craving!

Keep the Color Scheme Simple

When it comes to creating a unique home style, color choices are everything. Too many neutrals can look bland, while too many bright colors can look garish. For a modern style, you’ll want to keep the color scheme simple — but with enough contrast.

Try using variations on a warm gray paint for your walls. To go even more minimalist, try white paint. Gray tones will bring out the richness of wood furniture or floors, while white paint will accentuate the distinct lines of your furniture.

Create contrast and texture through your choice of modern home decor and accents. For instance, white subway tile paired with black grout in a kitchen or bathroom will add interest when you’re working with white cabinets. Or try using chairs or sofas in heather gray or cool brown tones that are lighter or darker than the color of your floor.

Let your punches of color come in the form of greenery in your home. Enhance the quality of your air as well as the look of your home with some succulents, ferns, or other green plants. You’ll keep the colors simple but vibrant!

Simplify Everything for a Cleaner Space

Creating a modern look in your home means that you may need to make some edits. After all, a cleaner space will look more modern than a cluttered space. For the ultimate in modern design, aim to highlight the vertical and horizontal lines in your home’s design and decor.

Look into furniture that borrows from the Mid-century Modern style. This style was popular in the mid-20th century and has seen a resurgence in popularity today. Proponents of the style love the clean lines and simple yet functional design.

Choose furniture and decor that emphasizes geometry. Avoid furniture with too many details, like nailhead trim or tufting. And choose clocks, art, and bookshelves that keep the colors and design elements simple.

Create a Unique Look with Upgraded Fixtures

Is your kitchen or bathroom loaded with dated brass fixtures? Look into switching these out in favor of brushed nickel or something more unique. You’ll breathe new life into your cabinets and bring your kitchen into the current decade.

As another upgrade, choose new faucets in black or chrome. And choose styles that are more angular and less ornate. With a stainless steel sink or some new marble countertops in your kitchen, you’ll build a more modern living space.

Don’t forget to look up, either. Swapping out your old ceiling fans for ones that are modern and unique can go a long way. An industrial-style fan or one with subdued colors can update the ambiance of any room in your house.

Don’t Overlook the Exterior

Achieving a modern look also means looking at the curb appeal of your home. Even the most traditional home or standard split-level can get an upgrade with some new paint, windows, or landscaping.

Line the front of your foundation with some exotic plants or carefully-pruned bushes. Emphasize the geometry of the shapes and keep the vegetation trimmed. For a modern look, you want your home to be well-maintained at all times.

If your home has siding, paint it in a more neutral tone that provides enough contrast against any shutters or trim. Use a deeper color, such as navy or dark gray, for the front door. And add a pop of brown with a wood covering over the entry.

If your windows have seen better days, invest in some new ones. Not only will new windows add an immediate sense of modern class to your home, but they’ll also keep you more comfortable when winter rolls around.

Modernize Your Space Now

Adding a more unique look to your home is one of the most fulfilling changes you can take on. Whether you’ve purchased a fixer-upper or have been living in the same home for decades, you can modernize just about any property. Figure out what your priorities are and how much you’re willing to spend — and get started!

To find more home improvement tips that will elevate your living space, check back for new articles.

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