Nelson Partners on The Different Kinds of Student Housing Properties that Accrue High Income

Many businesses and individuals ask themselves the question of whether investing in student housing is worth the time or money? Experts in the field of real estate say it is. It has been discovered that investing in student housing is one of the best decisions you can make as this form of real estate investment is resilient to recession and economic downturns. The reason being education will always be in demand, and students will take admissions every year into college to pursue their undergraduate and post-graduation degrees for better career opportunities in the future. 

Nelson Partners – How can you start off with student housing real estate investments?

Nelson Partners is a highly reliable and esteemed name in the field of student housing in the USA, with its headquarters located in San Clemente, California. This company was founded by Patrick Nelson, who has over 14 years of rich experience in the real estate industry. It focuses on college students and specializes in property management and the acquisition and development of properties located to some of the nation’s top colleges and universities. It helps owners convert their properties into student housing units that will fetch them a consistent source of income. Moreover, student housing also appreciates with time, so the property’s value will bring in good profits even when the owner sells it after a couple of years. 

Types of student housing the company helps with

There are many different kinds of student housing investment properties that individuals choose for their benefits after investment. They include-

  1. Class A Strategy properties for student housing- The properties have a purpose and are brand new in this class. They are close to the college and the university campus with the objective of a stable cash flow with the potential of capital gain when the property is sold after five to seven years. 
  1. Apartment properties for student housing with the “value-add” strategy- This strategy buys properties for student housing that are a little older. The company helps to refurbish the property to modern standards and later adds more amenities to attract higher rents. This step also helps the owner to get stabilized occupancy. The objective here is to drive the value of the property to give the owner the potential for more capital gains after the property is sold in the next three to seven years. The cash flow that is expected in this strategy is less stable and more stable than in the Class A strategy due to the refurbishment process. 
  1. New construction properties- For student housing in this strategy, new properties are constructed. Land parcels located close to college and university campuses are deployed to construct student housing with a purpose. On the completion of these properties, the structures will have all the traits of the Class A strategy properties that offer stable occupancy and a high degree of desirability. 

Student housing real estate investment with Nelson Partners is a wise investment, and it generates potential income for property owners. This is why it is booming in the USA and doing really well.

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