Safety Tips To Ensure Safe Furniture Removals

In any house relocation process, moving the furniture is one of the trickiest tasks. The large, bulky pieces of furniture require more than just packing and transporting. Careful handling is also necessary to ensure their safety. So, your furniture should always be handled with care throughout a relocation. Your most expensive (and heaviest) possessions should not be damaged when you get to your new house. The fabric can tear,glass can break, and wood furniture can get gouged if the right safety measures are not taken. For Furniture Removals Ryde safety of the item at each stage of your move is the first priority. The following advice will help you to organise a secure and efficient furniture removal.

Create a checklist for moving furniture:

Make a list of the furniture items that you will transfer, such as sofas, couches, tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, bookshelves, closets, etc. You can use this list to make a packing list and to tick furniture pieces off the list once they have arrived at their destination. To help you in making the best choices, you can group the items on this list according to kind, quantity, and current condition. These are the simple tips that can be handy during the removal process.

Take measurements:

Take measurements of furniture to make sure they can fit through the hallways of your existing and new homes.This should be done before you take the time to pack and carry your furniture to your new residence. Make a floor plan for your new home, and then record the height, width, depth, and diagonal measurements of each piece of furniture. It is to make sure they will fit in the chosen location in your new house.

Check for hindrances and sort out the furniture you want to take:

Before your Furniture Removals Ryde, you need to ensure that there can be no obstacles in the way. Prevent any danger zones and remove the items that can be safety hazards. Ensure pets and kids are made to sit in a safe place so that they don’t get injured. When you are going for an intercity relocation, it is always beneficial to take only the useful furniture with you. If you wish to buy new furniture, then removing the unnecessary furniture is a good decision. This will help you in reducing the moving expenses to a significant amount.

Prepare the furniture for packing:

Make sure to give your furniture a thorough cleaning and dusting before you begin packing.. Cleaning the furniture before you move will help prevent you from bringing more dirt into your new home. Remove any casters, knobs, or pulls from your furniture by taking a few moments. Desks and dressers should have their drawers removed so that other objects can be placed inside. You have more storage space as a result, and you can move heavy furniture more easily.

Disassemble the possible parts:

For your Furniture Removals Ryde, the items should be disassembled the day before moving. When your furniture is thoroughly cleaned, carefully take the legs off of chairs or tables to make moving easier and avoid any harm to your possessions. When you take these steps, fitting your larger pieces of furniture through doorways and stairwells will be simple. To keep all your furniture hardware together, collect any little screws and components and put them in a plastic bag. At the arrival of your new address, label and tape the bag of furniture hardware to the inside of an empty drawer or another secure spot that will be simple to get to.

Wrap furniture correctly:

Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are the two best packaging materials you can use to move the furniture safely. Plastic wrap or specially designed plastic sofa are good at protecting upholstered items, while bubble wrap is much suited for wooden pieces. You can also use the old blankets if you don’t have any plastic sheeting. Sliding the corrugated cardboard sheet between the wooden pieces can provide a cushion. It will also protect the pieces from rubbing against each other. For glass items like tabletops and mirrors, bubble wrap is more than enough. Wrap the mirror or glass completely by paying special attention to the corners. 

Loading your furniture:

This is something most people get wrong. You don’t want to just stack boxes on top of another. You need to have a plan for strategic placements so that your furniture stays intact while transported. Here are some key points

  1. Always leave the heavy boxes on the floor and light boxes on the top. Create a wall of boxes on the backend of a truck to provide a bit of stability when you load your furniture later.
  1. Use the tops of the dress for a lightweight box. You can sandwich some boxes in between to prevent them from slipping.
  1. Upholstered items need extra care. Use a rope to secure the pieces to hooks in the truck and select which item to be packed around them. While your upholstered items already have plastic wrapping, including a packing blanket is a good idea.
  1. Don’t forget to take care of the unloading of the truck as well. Make sure the path to each room is marked clearly for the movers. The less time spent finding the correct spot to put heavy furniture, the less likely it will be damaged.

When to call the professionals:

The best course of action for you may be to get the help of professionals if moving your home alone seems impossible or if you are under a lot of time constraints. Professional furniture movers can expertly safeguard, pack, and properly remove your furniture. It all happens without you having to lift a finger since they have the skills, knowledge, and equipment necessary. They are skilled in taking the greatest possible care of your furniture, giving you peace of mind that your possessions will be transported safely.

Bottom Line:

Furniture Removals Ryde takes preparation and time. The more effort you put into preparing the move, the less likely they will get damaged. Ideally, you should prepare your furniture well in advance.

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