What You Should Know Before Hiring a Septic Tank Cleaning Service

Did you know you should be cleaning your septic tank system every one to three years? If you’ve been wondering if you need a cleaning, it’s probably best to hire a septic tank cleaning service.

A professional septic tank cleaning will protect you from diseases and harmful pollutants. Wondering what the benefits and costs are? Let’s take a look.

The 411 on Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic system cleaning and maintenance is less complicated than it sounds, and it can also be affordable. Septic tanks are made up of fiberglass and concrete and they are installed underground. They collect any waste that comes from your house and creates a safe disposal of wastewater.

Waste and the water that’s contained is organically processed in a septic tank, then the bacteria from the waste helps solid particles break down. This is what causes quick drainage of water. When cleaning a septic tank, all waste from the tank is removed and you’ll want the help of a professional for proper cleaning.

A professional septic tank cleaning service will first inspect your septic tank. This should occur every three years, while alternative systems should be inspected once a year. This includes pumps, mechanical components, and electrical float switches.

These other factors will influence the suggested frequency of septic tank cleaning:

  • The septic tank size
  • The volume of solids that are in the wastewater
  • The household size
  • The total wastewater that’s generated

The Benefits of a Septic Tank Cleaning Service

The water in your household often carries bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. The high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus are another concern since you don’t want any harmful pollutants in your drinking water. Groundwater and nearby surface water can also get contaminated if you don’t clean your septic tank, causing diseases for plant and animal life.

A well-maintained and clean septic tank system significantly reduces the dangerous chemicals and the risk of illness. A septic tank cleaning service can advise on eco-friendly options, and make sure that there’s no contamination. You’ll save your own life, and the ecosystem too.

Septic Tank Cleaning Cost

Maintenance fees and septic tank cleaning costs are much cheaper than replacing or repairing systems. You should expect to pay $250 to $500 every three to five years. The costs for replacing and fixing a septic tank system can reach up to $10,000.

You should plan on paying slightly more if your system has a large gallon capacity or if there are a ton of people using the system. Keeping up with regular cleanings will also protect your property value.

Find the Best Septic Tank Cleaner

You may have a wide range of options in your area for septic tank cleaning. You should make sure that you get the help of a licensed professional, and it doesn’t hurt to shop around. Be sure to consider the following factors when deciding on a septic tank cleaning service:

  • License and Insurance
  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Quality of Service
  • Customer Reviews
  • Costs

You’ll want a septic tank cleaner that works with your budget and is well educated on how to clean your specific septic tank system. You can read more here and get septic waste disposed of properly.

Keep Your Septic Tank Clean

No one wants to put their family or themself at risk of disease due to contaminated water. Ensure that you obtain a septic tank cleaning service and you regularly maintain your system. This will save you tons of costs on replacements in the future, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing your water and environment is healthy.

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