Your Deals with the Interior Designing

Interior design, specifically the bathroom, is a subject that concerns you, focuses its efforts on an aspect as important as the hygiene and health of people and therefore you must have an interest in it.

Create different spaces in the shower area

If you have a more or less large space in the bathroom, you can choose either to have a bathtub, a shower tray or even both. But another option may be to change from bathtub to shower to gain more space and add a series of additions to the shower tray such as a bench for when we get out of the shower to be able to sit down and dry ourselves, put creams on ourselves, etc. In addition, it will help us to deposit the towels that we are going to use there, as well as the clothes afterwards. A material that can be very good is wood, which brings warmth to the room.

Use a walk-in shower

The walk-in showers become an ideal option to separate the different parts of the bathroom without actually needing to use doors or close spaces. With a masonry wall that serves as a wall for the shower, we will achieve that natural and open separation that we seek so much, also gaining intimacy but without giving up having an open space.

Look for symmetry

We know that sharing a bathroom can be complicated as a solution to this problem could be to place the shower tray between the sinks, thus creating two areas. If you opt for this idea, we suggest you use transparent shower screens so as not to visually reduce the space.

Integrate the shower with the rest of the elements

In more modern bathrooms, it is very possible that you want your shower tray to be completely integrated with the decoration of the place. This is possible using natural finishes as the covering of the rest of the walls of this room.

Showers for two people

Another alternative is to have 2 cabins or 2 controls in the same shower space. This is ideal so that 2 people can use it at the same time without the need for one to wait for the other to complete their chores. And it is that the shower as a couple is ideal, like this alternative that we have proposed.

Shiny and polished shower

It is very satisfying to have a shower tray with a shiny and polished appearance. This is due to the materials with which it is composed (quartz and acrylic), with which you will prefer to change a bathtub for a shower tray.

Acrylic shower tray Acrylic shower

trays are extremely useful when selecting dimensions, shapes and colors, transforming them into another piece of decoration to take into consideration and play with the rest of the bathroom decoration elements.

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