5 Interior Design Trends We Absolutely Love

How can you make your home look great, safe in the knowledge that your new home decor won’t soon feel outdated?

Keep reading to check out our favorite interior design trends right now. They’re sure to stand the test of time but look amazing now too — you’ve probably been spending more time than usual at home in recent months, so it’s worth making it look even better!

Read on!

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic right now, and it’s easier than you might think to incorporate it into a home upgrade too.

Make an effort to use materials sourced and produced in a responsible, eco-friendly manner, and think long-term when you decorate. Will you want to replace the decor next year? If you think you might, perhaps reconsider.

Use natural materials that will last, make the most of your space — particularly if you’re dealing with apartment living — and think of ways to brighten your home. All of these will go a long way to making a sustainable home that looks the part too.

2. Plenty of Wood

Wood is great — though it should be sustainably sourced where possible — as it brings a sense of the outdoors into your home! No matter your interior design tastes, wood accents are a great addition and look great both in work rooms and in the kitchen.

The use of wood in your home can even have psychological benefits, as the material boasts calming properties that reduce stress. Eco-friendly, stress-reducing, and aesthetically-pleasing, there’s nothing that the right wood can’t do.

3. Matte Black

The right finishes can be the difference between your home looking good and looking great, and matte black finishes are among our favorites.

Matte black finishes are an understated accompaniment to bright and bold features, offering an effective contrast, and they work well in almost any room — though we think they look best in the kitchen.

4. Gloss and Shine

While you don’t want to be too glitzy and shiny, a bit of gloss and shine in moderation is one of our favorite home upgrade ideas.

For a bit of class, consider mother of pearl finishes in the kitchen or bathroom, or glam bathroom tiles. Try high-lacquered wood for an extra glow too — the opportunities are endless, so play around with the possibilities.

5. Mix of Metals

You might not have considered this previously, but mixing metals is one of our favorite interior design things to do right now!

For maximum effect, choose a dominant metal, and then go for a second as an accent. You can combine warm metals with cold metals like this, perhaps with neutral metals in there too.

Alongside metals, you could incorporate materials like wood, stone, or velvet for contrast and effect.

Our Favorite Interior Design Trends

There are numerous ways to make your home look great, but these have to be our favorite five interior design trends right now. Choose your own favorites and you’ll soon have the house of your dreams — get decorating today!

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