6 Warning Signs That You Have a Pest Infestation

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: the gradual and unsettling feeling that they aren’t alone in their home. It may sound like a classic horror movie, but most people have to deal with it at least once over the lifespan of their home—even if the unwanted guests in most homes are common pests of the animal and insect persuasion.

Even so, these creatures leave plenty of disturbing clues to mark their presence, just like the signs you’d see in a horror flick. As long as you know where to look, you can work fast to keep your pest infestation nightmare from spiraling out of control. Here’s what to keep an eye on at home.

1. Dirt, Grease, and Grime

Every household sees its fair share of dust and dirt from time to time, but when grime seems to build up in certain parts of the home, it may be a sign of more than normal wear and tear. Smudges on walls, floors, or the legs of your furniture may be a sign of dirty rodent bodies pressing past. Hair and crumbs are also key indicators of an infestation.

2. Pest Droppings

This one’s a red flag most homeowners dread tiny droppings in the corners of a room. You’re more likely to notice droppings in less-trafficked areas of the home, like the basement, attic, closets, or crawl spaces. Whether you see tiny pinprick insect droppings or larger conical rat droppings, it’s time to call in a pro.

3. Unusual Smells

Strange smells can be harder to detect if you already have a pet in the home, but take some time to see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. It smells like decaying food, and urine may be signs it’s time to do some further sleuthing.

4. Bite Marks and Holes

Household pests don’t much care if they destroy the fabric of your furnishings, the boxes in your pantry, or the wood barring them from your home. If you notice holes or bite marks suggesting that pests have bitten or scratched their way from one place to another, you may have a legitimate infestation on your hands.

5. Body Parts

With insect infestations, you might find tiny body parts riddling the floor of your home. From wings to limbs to skin, these body parts are a sign you should take the issue seriously by calling an expert. When making your choice, opt for someone with plenty of background in eliminating insect pests!

6. Odd Noises

While some infestations are silent and sneaky, other pests make audible noises you’ll hear when you pay attention. Scratching, squeaking, or whining can suggest the presence of unwanted guests, though you may need to trace the sound to its source for a better look.

Watch for These Signs of Pest Infestation

When you’re worried about pests taking control of your home, it’s important to remember that a professional can help you regain your space just as fast. Knowing the signs of pest infestation is key to preventing the problem from getting worse, so make sure to reach out to a pro as soon as you notice anything amiss.

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