Home Renovation a Nightmare? Not if You Avoid These (Common) Mistakes

Did you know that 90% of Americans plan on renovating their house?

From first-time buyers to people who want to modernize their period property, everyone’s remodeling these days! But, that doesn’t always mean it’s easy.

There are tons of mistakes you can make when renovating a property – and lots of people do. The best way to avoid them is to learn what they are.

Find out some of the most common home renovation mistakes in our handy guide.

Know Exactly What You Want

First things first, you need to know exactly what you want. That goes beyond I want a new, modern kitchen or I love traditional bathrooms. You need to get specific about what you want, both in cosmetic and structural design.

Start putting together a mood board of ideas. Pinterest is a great place to do this if you like working online, or just use things you find in magazines and books as inspiration! TV shows about home design is another great place to find ideas, helping you build a visual wish-list for your home.

If you’re renovating a property with someone else, such as a partner, this is an essential practice to make sure you’re both on the same page. If you don’t sort out your designer differences early on, it could lead to drama later on!

Be Realistic About Prices

Costs of home remodeling vary widely. You can do up a bathroom on a budget or splurge hundreds of thousands on renovating a whole house. But, however, you’re doing it, keep track of prices, and always follow a budget.

One of the biggest mistakes in home renovations is spending too much on one thing. Whether you’re dreaming of marble shipped in from a small town in Italy, or you’re lusting after a specific set of vintage bath taps, it’s normal to dream big! But, remember that everything costs and you only have a limited budget.

Make sure you know the average prices for products and, if you’re looking at something incredibly expensive, find it’s cheaper alternative. You can still opt for the more expensive item but, if you do, make sure you take the extra money from somewhere else on your budget. So, buy Italian marble for your countertops, but go cheaper on your flooring.

If you don’t keep a close eye on your spending and let yourself run away with expensive, luxurious items, you could empty your bank before you’ve finished the project! You may also not have enough to cover hidden remodeling expenses that you hadn’t accounted for.

Consult With Professionals

Even if you’re planning on doing most of the work yourself, consulting with contractors is always a good idea. These are the professionals who are going to have the best ideas of how to make the most of your space, and they’ll be practical about the work you’ll need to do. They can also pinpoint which projects can be done by DIY and which are likely to need an expert.

For example, an architect can be great to finalize your design ideas. They can consider logistics you might not have done and point out any areas of your plan that might not work in reality. It’s much better to get this consultation before you start constructing than regret it when it’s built!

Remember the Ugly Work

It’s easy to get caught up in the decorating of your property – after all, that is the most fun! But, it’s important to remember the work that isn’t so glamorous too. For example, when planning a bathroom, sewer line cleaning might be necessary before you install your new suite.

You also need to consider your electric and gas lines, making sure your plans fit in with what already exists. The foundations of your property are just as important as how it looks!

Insist on Contracts

Whenever you hire someone to do work on your home, always insist on getting contracts! Even if they seem super nice when you meet them and you’re just itching to get started, just slow down a second and draw up a contract. This should include terms on:

  • Completing the work you’ve asked them to perform in a set amount of time
  • A payment schedule
  • Details on all the work to be done
  • Penalties for not complying with the contract

This contract should protect you against anything going wrong in your project and deter any cowboy contractors. It also shows you mean business and know what you want!

Time Your Renovation Right

No matter how well you schedule your renovation, it’s likely to run over. Things go wrong all the time; contractors get sick, shipping is delayed, and tricky jobs can take longer than expected. So, make sure you time yours properly.

Rather than this meaning you time it correctly, it actually means timing with enough wriggle room for if you don’t. You should always have enough time to run over your project, and shouldn’t have anything planned to close to the original end date. You never know what could happen, so give yourself some room for delays.

Start Planning Your Home Renovation

When it comes to what you should know before you renovate your home, these points are definitely a good start! Remember, there’s a lot you can learn on the job, but it’s always best if you know as much as you can before you start. Changes to your plans can be very costly once construction has already begun!

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