Homemade Remedies To Clean Timber Flooring In Parramatta

It’s true that people don’t have enough money always to spend on hardwood floor clean-up. They want some homemade remedies instead, which will fill up the purpose yet without burning a hole in your pocket. It is not that difficult for you to get hold of the best homemade remedies for cleaning up timber flooring in Parramatta as the internet is here to offer you with so many solutions. But the real deal is that you have to go through each one well, check out their pros and cons, and then finally make a call. Not all solutions work great, but some surely do! So, let’s get into the details now.

The easy one is always water and vinegar:

Water and vinegar – the two most common objects you will find in every household. So, mixing them in roper ratio will give you the homemade cleaning ingredient for your timber floor or any other hardwood floor. You might have discovered the benefits already while cleaning bathrooms and kitchen counters. But, this might be news to you that the same mixture is perfect for taking out the grime that gets build up on wooden floors. Make sure to warm the water in its mildest way and that’s all it takes to make your floor shine.

Essential oils mixed with water and vinegar:

In case, you don’t want the pungent smell of vinegar to overpower your house and want a nice fragrance after you clean the floor, try mixing the essential oil with this mixture of vinegar and water, just before you are ready to mop the timber flooring in Parramatta. These essential oils are mostly available in so many fragrances and you can easily choose to add a few drops of your favourite smell in that solution for that added scent. That’s how simple these cleaning liquids are to make.

Adding vegetable oil into vinegar:

This might prove to be something new for most of you out there. In case, you don’t want to use water on your wooden floor, which is understandable, you might be interested in using vegetable oil instead with vinegar. Some hardwood floors will actually restrict even the slightest drop of water. For those cases, using vegetable oil as a substitute will work just great. Always be sure to just invest in a spray bottle, for applying this mixture first and then spraying on targeted areas. Make sure to mop it dry as oil on the wooden floor might otherwise cause accidents.

Liquid soap water and vinegar:

Not just any liquid soap, but you need a plant-based one to mix with water and vinegar. It is one simple but effective cleaner, which uses the best ingredients for creating that best ever homemade solution for your timber flooring in Parramatta. To top it all and finish the mix, you can try adding essential oil onto it. This might be one great choice if your floor turns out to be quite grimy. These are some of the many natural homemade mixtures, which will lead to the best timber floor cleaning option.

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