Interior Design Trends 2021: 9 Chic Home Design Ideas That Should Be On Your Radar

2020 was the year of staying at home and working from home, and the home was a place to gather with your family and find innovative ways to have fun.

It was also a big year in interior design, with people wanting to feel more comfortable and cozy while spending most of their day at home.

From the newly-discovered cottagecore style to going the sustainable route, interior design trends are changing along with the times.

So what will this next year bring in terms of interior design style? Keep reading to discover the 10 best interior design trends 2021 and what you can expect from each style.

1. Rustic and Nostalgic

Rustic meets nostalgic is one of the new interior design trends that’ll be huge in 2021. It’s becoming increasingly popular not just because of the aesthetics, but also because of the feeling of safety it brings and memories of simpler times.

We’re talking rustic color palettes and furniture, mixed with previous-century nostalgia. It’s the perfect mix of modern comfort and country charm.

2. Cottagecore

In line with rustic and nostalgic, cottagecore will be one of the biggest 2021 interior design trends. Cottagecore is all about elegance, but with pieces of natural furniture, muted colors, and gilded pieces.

Throw in some vintage wallpaper or shabby-chic fabric prints, and you’ve added some cottagecore aesthetic to your home.

The point of cottagecore interior design is to elevate comfort and style without sacrificing space and personal style.

3. Vintage and Antique

If you love sustainability in interior design, consider adding some vintage and antique elements to your home in 2021. Vintage and antique items can be expensive, so you’ll need to know where to source more affordable pieces.

From vintage dining tables, chandeliers, and decorations to complete pieces of centuries-old furniture, vintage and antique are another way to remember the simpler ways of living and giving old pieces a new life.

4. Houseplants and More Houseplants

Houseplants and greenery can make any room come to life. There are many indoor plants that take little to no maintenance and fit into your interior style perfectly.

For example, cacti and other succulents are so easy to keep alive and will suit any aesthetic. Bigger plants like Monstera deliciosa or the ficus tree are great for minimalistic living rooms as they add a pop of color to an otherwise simple style.

If you want to brighten up the home, opt for flowering plants that’ll match the colors of your furniture or walls. The best indoor plants include the snake plant, Pothos, Dracaena, the Rubber Tree, the Spider plant, and peace lilies.

If you have pets or small children, make sure to choose plants that are safe for them. Many houseplants can be toxic to pets, especially dogs, so be extra careful when choosing them.

To help keep your plants healthy and protected from direct sunlight, invest in modern and functional interior plantation shutters. They’ll look great in your room, give you privacy, and are perfect for adjusting the light that enters the room.

5. Earthy, Neutral Shades

When it comes to interior design, sometimes the simplest choices are the best. In 2021, going for neutral, earthy, warm shades will still be in style.

Whether you want neutral furniture and decorations or neutral wall paint, you can combine earthy shades with almost any other color.

Whether it’s brown, white, grey, green, or taupe, neutral shades bring a sense of cleanliness and peacefulness into the home.

6. Sustainable Pieces

Sustainability in all areas of life has become more than just a trend – it’s a movement that’s also popular in interior design. In fact, sustainable and multi-functional furniture will be one of the most popular trends for 2021.

Instead of plastic and PVC, there will be recycled wood and natural materials like bamboo or hemp. Instead of buying brand new pieces, people will opt for pre-loved, handmade, or thrifted furniture.

You can also be sustainable with your own furniture: reupholster your sofas and armchairs, paint the dining table and chairs in a different color, recycle old furniture and turn it into something new, and use whatever you have at home to create unique decorations.

7. Accent Walls

Accent walls will still be conversation-starters in 2021. Whether you choose a pop of bright color for a wall or fill it with artwork, decorations, or vertical planters, it needs to be eye-catching.

Accent walls can even be minimalistic and only have one element that’ll truly stand out, such as a metallic decoration, a tapestry, or wallpaper in an eccentric pattern.

8. Statement Pieces

A home is a place of self-expression. Whether you have a more eclectic style or love minimalistic design, your home is a reflection of you.

The best way to put your personal touch in each room is with statement pieces. These can be pieces of furniture, decorations, lighting, artwork, and even wall fixtures.

Even your main furniture can be a statement piece if it’s a unique design, form, or texture. Coffee tables, floor lamps, mantles, and even chandeliers can be your signature piece that’ll take the room to the next level.

9. Craftsmanship and Handmade Pieces

Homemade and artisan-made furniture and artwork will be a huge part of interior design styles in 2021. Craftsmanship will be more appreciated in favor of mass-produced furniture.

Personalized or unique pieces made specifically for the customer will lead the way in people’s living rooms and home offices.

Some of the most wonderful handmade pieces to invest in for your home include handwoven storage baskets, handmade decorations, Christmas ornaments, wreaths, wooden shelves, jute rope decor, and upcycled furniture.

Give Your Home a Makeover With These Interior Design Trends 2021

Whether you want to do minor touch-ups to your home or plan to do a complete renovation, these interior design trends 2021 will help you find your footing.

From cottagecore aesthetics to simple and modern minimalism, you can mix and match elements to make your house a home.

Need more home interior and decorating tips? Refer to our other articles on these topics and come back often to discover more interior design trends and news.

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