Commercial Design Tips That’ll Make Your Property’s Landscaping Shine

When it comes to increasing sales and drawing customers into your business, one of the last things on your mind is probably your business’s landscaping. However, curb appeal is real, and customers are much more likely to visit a business or give their business somewhere that presents themselves well inside and out.

If you’ve been looking into improving your commercial design and landscaping, there are a few things you should know.

Take a look at these tips for upping your commercial landscaping design.

1. Focus On Your Entrance

The entrance is the first thing guests will be looking for when they arrive or pass your place of business. By making the entrance hard-to-miss and adorned with beautiful landscaping, guests will be immediately drawn in.

Use inviting greenery and colors complimentary of your business’s logo or signage. You can use rocks, mulch, or small bushes to define the area, as long as you clearly distinguish the entrance on both sides of the doors if possible.

2. Highlight Signage

Whether the sign is located down the street, at the end of a drive, or right next to the front door, your landscaping should highlight those areas. It would help if you had areas blocked off around the signage that draws the eye in that direction and complimentary plants that keep it there.

Your signage is your advertising, so get the most out of it!

3. Increase Your Lighting

Lighting is essential for both safety and advertisement. At night and early in the morning are when your business is most prone to theft. Having a well-lit perimeter will usually deter any criminal activity.

On this same note, limit the number of trees around the property to allow for a clear visual of the perimeter. Lights and a lack of hiding space will make it difficult for a criminal to get away with snooping around your property.

Lighting is also great because even at night, it will draw attention to your business or storefront. Make sure you have spotlights on signage as well as around the entrance and any identifying areas.

4. Define Sidewalks and Walkways

Landscaping can actually define where people walk and how they approach your business. Having a distinct walkway lined with flowers, bushes, or even rocks, is a perfect way to define the entrance into your place of business.

This is also good to do if you have trouble with people walking through bushes or across a lawn to get to your front door. Defining a clear walkway encourages guests to enter in a specific direction. It can also create a more welcoming atmosphere!

Franz Witte landscaping design and installation can give your entire exterior design a makeover that attracts customers at first glance!

5. Aim For Sustainability

More than ever, businesses are trying to find ways to implement sustainability into their commercial landscaping design. Opt for native plants or ones that use little water. Native plants are good for attracting native fauna and promoting healthy growth.

Plants that require little water are not only better for the environment but also your water bill. You’ll be saving more on these cost-efficient plants in the long run.

You can also go with green pest control and pesticides. Customers will appreciate that you strive to be ahead of the curve in all aspects of your business, even the landscaping! When you pay careful attention to details like this, your customers are sure to notice!

6. Choose Low-Maintenance Plants

Your area of focus should be on your business, not on the plants outside. Choosing low-maintenance plants ensures that they stay well taken care of without a lot of effort on your part.

Just like lush bushes and colorful blooms can attract customers, dead or dying plants will have a negative effect on potential customers. Your landscaping represents how you operate, and if you don’t care about your lawn’s appearance, who’s to say you care about your guests? Treat your landscaping with the same attention that you treat your business.

7. Schedule Regular Maintenance

To keep up with your plant’s occasional maintenance, schedule a lawn care service to come out regularly. As we mentioned, you don’t want to be concerned about the regular care of your lawn. Having a reputable lawn care service to come out regularly to make sure everything is working properly will save you time and money.

They can mow grass, check sprinkler systems, lighting, and even plant seasonal plants to switch up the look of your commercial property throughout the year.

8. Use Bright Colors

Use bright colors to attract attention to your property, sparingly. You don’t want gaudy or tacky colors distracting from your business, but you do want people to notice your seasonal flowers and pops of color.

Use complementary colors. Your landscape designer can usually recommend combinations that look good together for any season! These pops of color are especially effective by signage and along walkways.

9. Add Seating For Guests and Employees

One often overlooked aspect of landscape design on commercial properties is adding seating to outside areas. These areas can be for both guests and employees. If you have a limited waiting room or lobby space, it is also important to make sure your guests feel comfortable.

And don’t forget around back either. Pay equal attention to the back of your business. Your employees will appreciate you for providing them with an inviting outdoor seating option.

Invest In Your Commercial Design

Your commercial design for your property’s landscaping needs are far from simple, so let a professional landscaper handle the job. From the initial design to the installation to regular maintenance and upkeep, your property’s landscaping should be well taken care of.

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