How to Prepare for a Move: A Guide for Homeowners

The dreaded move… It’s the storm before the rainbow when buying a new home. There is so much excitement in the home buying process. However, moving doesn’t have to be so difficult.

With this guide, we’ll show you how to prepare for a move with ease.

Create a To-Do List

The first step is to prepare a to-do list. Keeping you and everyone involved more organized can help you and your family get things done more efficiently. This will help you avoid forgetting the small but important things.

Preparing for a move presents lots of tasks. You can also divvy up the responsibilities easier.

Calculate Moving Costs

Now that you have your to-do list, get estimates, and total how much you believe your move will cost. Take away those pesky surprise costs. No one wants to be surprised with unexpected losses. Better planning, more efficient moving.

Clean Out Unnecessary Items

Take time to clean out those things that don’t “bring you joy.” The popular Marie Kondo invented the Konmari Method to help you clean out your unnecessary items. Years of pack ratting has overflowed our homes with stuff.

You’ll want to decorate your new space with new things. Old items can bog you down. Plus, a lighter move is much more ideal.

Gather Supplies

With your items prepared, it’s time to get supplies. Unless your moving company supplies the materials or does it for you, you’ll need to secure these items yourself. There are many places where you can purchase boxes, tape, blankets, and more.

Get the Right Movers

Whether you are moving across the country or across town, you can make moving the easiest with movers. Choosing the right movers is a task in itself. You can find movers through friendly referrals, online reviews, and their website.

Give It a Good Clean

Before you unpack, be sure to give your new place a good scrub. This will ensure that you start with the cleanest home. A clean start in more ways than one. This way you can avoid moving around furniture to get to the hard to reach places.

Tidy up your previous home as well. This common courtesy will be a great welcome for the new owners. Hopefully, someone has also done you the courtesy for your new home.

Change Your Address

Forward your mail and change your address. Contact those important accounts to ensure that you are notified. Any bills that you know you receive and especially your bank are some of the most important to notify of the change.

How To Prepare For a Move: 101

These moving tips can help you when it comes to how to prepare for a move. Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Executing an efficient move will make it simpler for you when setting up your new humble abode.

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