Keep Your Family Safe and Secure: Top 5 Garage Door Safety Tips to Remember

Garage doors are integral structures at homes. These systems offer multiple benefits but have quickly turned into an object of concern, especially for kids’ and pets’ safety.

Every year, an estimated 30,000 people, especially children, experience injuries caused by automatic garage doors. To enhance garage door safety on your property, here are some safety tips to remember.

1. Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Are you wondering how to quiet your garage door and stop disturbing your family and neighbors every other time you have to open your garage? Regular garage door maintenance is a useful technique for making your garage door quieter. Conducting scheduled maintenance and repair services on the safety features will improve the safety of the door.

2. Inspect Garage Door Safety Features

Inspect your garage door safety measures regularly and make sure that they are working as intended. You don’t have to be a garage door expert to realize that something is not working right. A random visual inspection will reveal if some safety features need immediate repair or replacement to continue serving well.

3. Test Garage Door Force

Garage door force is a sensitive aspect that you have to check because it directly interferes with safety. Although you want the system to have enough force to pull up and down, you need to make sure that it is not too much to cause an accident, especially when the door breaks. Adjusting the force settings regularly and ensuring that the door has a moderate force is an important safety measure that you don’t want to forget.

4. Test Auto-Reverse Mechanism

All modern garage doors should have a working reverse mechanism. The role of this feature is to change direction when it comes into contact with something in its path.

The reverse mechanism is a safety measure that prevents the door from injuring hands or fingers that might be holding on the door path. If the auto-reverse mechanism is not working, you need to immediately adjust the downward force or contact a pro to handle the problem.

5. Keep Garage Door Clear and Free

Obstructions have been highlighted as the leading causes of garage door accidents. Some of these obstructions include large debris below the door, kids and pets playing below the door. Anything that can obstruct the door, especially when closing, increases safety problems. One can be injured by hanging around, so it is always necessary to play away from the garage door system.

Now You Know How to Keep Your Garage Door Safe

You now know some essential tips that can be used to enhance your garage door safety requirements from this information. Most of these safety measures do not need a technician as you can handle them.

Always remember that although a garage door has many vital uses, it can also pose safety concerns. For more informative information on garage doors and home improvement projects, keep reading our posts.

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