More Than Just Curb Appeal: 5 Benefits of Getting New Siding

The average cost of vinyl siding replacement is $14,359, so what do you get for that price? A boost in your curb appeal is an obvious benefit, but you get more perks when you replace your siding.

Looking at the benefits, both aesthetic and structural, helps you decide if the investment in new siding is worth it. What you get out of the replacement can benefit you for years.

Keep reading for five benefits of getting new siding on your house.

1. Fresh Look

Simply improving the curb appeal isn’t the only aesthetic benefit. You can also completely change the look of your home to better suit your preferences.

If your current siding doesn’t fit your style, you can choose a material, color, or design that better matches that desired aesthetic. For an older home, finding the best type of siding for that period can help you return the facade to a more historically accurate look.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

When you replace siding, you have the opportunity to add house wrap and insulation that can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Choosing a light-colored siding can also help reflect heat in the summer, which can improve energy efficiency. This increased efficiency lets you run your heating and cooling system less, putting less strain on it and decreasing your energy bills.

3. Damage Repair

Your current siding could be hiding serious damage on your home, such as rotting boards, water leaks, and mold or mildew. When you remove the old siding and replace it, that potential damage is easier for a contractor to spot. You can have it repaired before it becomes more severe.

If the damage occurred due to problems with the siding, replacing it with new reliable siding can prevent more damage from happening in the future.

4. Increased Property Value

Refreshing the siding boosts your property value. This can be a perk if you’re getting ready to sell because it improves the curb appeal and makes potential buyers take notice. It’s also a selling point because the new buyers don’t have to worry about lots of upkeep or a potential siding replacement in a few years.

The boost in property value is also a plus if you’re going to stay for a while. It’s always a good idea to choose home improvement projects that give you a good return on your investment.

5. Decrease Future Maintenance

Does your current siding require lots of maintenance? Wood siding requires regular sealing and refinishing, for example.

Replacing high-maintenance siding with a low-maintenance option, such as vinyl siding, can save you a lot of time and money. If you DIY your siding maintenance, a lower-maintenance siding saves you time and sweat. If you hire pros to do the work, you decrease your maintenance budget by cutting down on how much work the siding takes.

Enjoy the Benefits of New Siding

New siding gives your home an instant facelift. It also protects your home and offers many other benefits that you can enjoy immediately and in the future.

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