This Is How to Take Care of a Swimming Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is appealing to many homeowners. Once you make this investment, you may think it is cool waters and endless summer days of fun.

However, there is an important part of pool ownership you cannot forget – maintenance. Keep reading to learn how to take care of a swimming pool to keep it fun and clean throughout the summer months and all year long.

Skim and Scrub Your Pool Regularly

A smart and effective way to keep your pool clean and properly maintained is by hiring a professional service, such as Ever-Care Pool and Spa, to handle it for you. However, if you want to handle the cleaning and maintenance on your own, then skimming and scrubbing should become a regular part of your pool care routine.

Skimming is something that should be done daily. You must also scrub the sides of your pool to help prevent the build-up of algae. The good news is that scrubbing does not have to be done as often as skimming.

You can scrub your pool every other week and be fine. If you have a hard to remove the spot, put chlorine in an old sock, let it sit on the stained area, and the algae will fade away.

Check the pH and Chlorine Levels

It is important to check your pool’s chlorine and pH levels at least two times a week. You should have a pH level that stays at 7.4 to 7.6. Chlorine levels should be 1.0 to 3.0 ppm – parts per million.

You should test the pool water levels at dush or a minimum of four hours after all people have left the water. Wait eight hours after a wind or rainstorm for testing.

Take Care of the Pool’s Filter

The filter’s job is to remove all impurities from the water. This includes dirt, twigs, leaves, and even small toys.

Usually, you can clean your pool filter by turning it off, removing the filter cap, and taking the filter basket out. Then, remove all debris and replace everything.

Most experts recommend cleaning out your filter basket a minimum of one time per week. Every month you should clean the pipes used by the filter system, which is done by backwashing.

Shock Your Pool One Time Per Week

When you shock your pool, it means you add a large amount of chlorine to the pool. This is to remove any algae or other contaminants present.

The amount of shock you need varies based on the product you choose and how much water is in your pool.

Now You Know How to Take Care of a Swimming Pool

If you are wondering how to take care of a swimming pool, now you should know. The tips here will help keep your pool clean and problem-free.

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