3 Innovative Ways to Incorporate Sliding Wall Panels into a Home

Over 83 million people are currently living in rented accommodation? As such, they often struggle with the frustration of wanting a better layout in their homes and being powerless to change it.

You’ll be happy to know that as an architect, you can offer them a simple solution.

Keep reading to find out how sliding wall panels could add one more happy client to your list.

Why Sliding Wall Panels?

Wood sliding wall panels are ideal for breaking a studio apartment up into clearly defined spaces. This makes it easier to define living spaces, decorate, and set boundaries when needed.

A sliding wall panel system can also have decorative appeal, they add privacy to open-plan spaces, and can also hide unsightly areas of the home.

There are plenty of ways to get creative with durable wood sliding wall panels when you open your mind to the possibilities, but there are other types of panels to try out too.

1. Japanese Sliding Wall Panels

Traditionally known as shoji, these types of wall panels are one of the most attractive ways to divide a room. They’re translucent enough to let the light through, yet they’ve also got enough opacity to ensure privacy.

Japanese sliding wall panels have a calming effect on a room, so they’re ideal for cordoning off a sleeping area from busier spaces in the room.

They’re not ideal for busy areas of the house due to their delicate construction. The panels of these doors consist of a thin paper-like substance housed in a wooden sliding system. Pets and rowdy children can easily damage the panels.

2. Sliding Glass Wall Panels

If you want to divide a room up without losing light, glass is the way to go.

Sliding glass wall panels are an attractive addition to any space since they create a division without causing a cramped feel. They’re a chic addition to any room, adding an instant boost of sophistication.

The best way to incorporate glass panels is as a division between cooking areas and living spaces. They form an effective barricade against the heat and smells of cooking, but can slide seamlessly out of the way when it’s time to serve the meal.

3. Sliding Acoustic Wall Panels

These types of panels suit shared accommodations best as they create a soundproof barrier for sleeping areas.

Sliding acoustic wall panels slide out of the way during the day but provide a soundproof barrier at bedtime. They’ll also help improve the acoustics for those who are still indulging in their favorite shows after their roommate retires for the evening.

Is your client looking to create a seperate nursery area in their apartment for a new family member? Acoustic wall panels are ideal to help littles ones to enjoy undisturbed rest.

Inspiration for Indoor Spaces

Sliding wall panels are only one small portion of the many ways to tackle the challenges of rented apartment-style living.

If you’d like some more inspiration to help you help others make the most of their living spaces, keep browsing our blog. We’ve got all the best tips for improving every area of any home, whether it’s rented or not.

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