Electric Loft Ladders: What Are They + 5 Use-Cases/Benefits That Showcase Their Worth

Millions of houses are built in the United States every year. As these houses are erected, we get to see trends in designs that are telling of modern tastes.

Among the many trends we’ve seen in new constructions, lofted spaces have made themselves apparent as being perhaps one of the hottest additions home builders are springing for.

While lofts are great in that they allow you to get more use out of your high ceiling homes, they come with a chief issue: They can be hard to access.

Enter electric loft ladders.

Electric loft ladders are a must-have for anybody that is investing in a loft. In this post, we break down what loft spaces are, list your ladder choices, and give 5 key benefits/use cases that share why electric ladders are the only kind you’ll want to buy!

What’s a Loft?

Before we discuss ladders, do you know what a lofted space is? If you don’t, don’t feel bad! Several people are hazy on what constitutes a loft versus a second story.

A loft in a house usually refers to an open space on the second level that’s just under the ceiling of your home. These spaces are typically not connected to a staircase and therefore need to be accessed by a ladder.

Many people’s loft definitions are loose, so always inquire when purchasing a home with a loft so you can make sure it’s what you’re expecting.

Your Ladder Options

If your loft is designed like a traditional lofted space in that it doesn’t have a staircase, you’re going to need to invest in a ladder. But what are your ladder options when it comes to lofted living?

Ladders for lofts typically exist in three core categories:


Your stagnant loft ladder is usually a wood-runged ladder that is bolted into your loft and the ground of your lower floor. These types of ladders are immovable and similar to what you’d see fixed to the top bunk of a bunk bed.

While the consistent placement of these ladders makes loft access simple, their permanent nature can cause concerns for space and aesthetics.


Pull-down ladders are common in loft spaces that are used for storage. You’ve probably seen these loft ladders in action while watching movies where a person reaches up to their ceiling, pulls a cord, and a ladder folds down that gives them access to a secret space.

Seeing as how much loft spaces are open-air these days rather than tucked away in attic-like alcoves, pull-down ladders are becoming less popular.

Electric Loft Ladders

Electric loft ladders are great because they offer you the best of everything.

If you want your ladder to be discreet like a pull-down, you can keep your ladder in its up position and out of the floor space of your home’s primary floor. If you want it to be fixed for easy loft access, you can automatically fold it down and keep it in its open position for as long as you’d like.

That flexibility opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to laying out your space, which we think is valuable to anybody that likes to have autonomy over the way their house looks.

Breaking Down Electric Loft Ladder Benefits

It’s no surprise that our vote when it comes to loft ladders is for electric. We hope you feel the same way!

If you still need convincing, here are 5 use cases/benefits that describe why the electric loft ladder is the best choice on the market.

1. They’re Health Conscious

Believe it or not, stretching up to grab pull-down ladder cords can be troublesome. For example, you could pull a muscle in your back while hoisting your ladder down. Pull down ladders might even fall faster than you anticipated and hit you as they collapse.

In comparison, electric ladders retract automatically at a controlled pace, which keeps your safety in consideration.

2. Inclusiveness

Not everyone is capable of reaching a pull-down ladder’s cord and hoisting it downward. Electric loft ladders even the playing field for people with certain disabilities and those that are short and have limited reach.

If giving everyone in your household equal access to a lofted space is important to you, the electric lofted ladder is the best way to ensure that equality.

3. Retractable

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, retractable ladders beat fixed ladders every time. They’re there when you want to look at them and gone when you don’t.

That flexibility gives you more options when it comes to maintaining your space.

4. Fun to Watch

If you like being the kind of host that has tech to showcase when people visit your home, you’ll love electric loft ladders. Friends are always impressed when they get to watch electric ladders expand and contract.

Just know that after watching your ladder in action, your friends will start to wish that their homes sported a loft.

5. Affordable

You’d think the easier option when it comes to lofted ladders would be the expensive option. Not the case!

The electric loft ladders price pales in comparison to most people’s expectations, so find a provider today and let them pitch you their options!

Your Loft Is Only As Great As Its Ladder

Don’t undermine your awesome lofted space by having a difficult or unsightly ladder. Electric loft ladders get you the most out of the unique lofted alcove that your home features!

For additional advice on all things housing, electric loft ladders for sale, and more, check out the newest content on our blog!

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